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Blog - How AI-enabled AP Automation Helping Businesses Improve their Financial Ratio READ MORE

Upgrade your Accounts Payable Processes with Smart & Intelligent Automation  READ NOW

Blog - AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses.READ MORE

AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses. READ NOW

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Mohan Krishna

Go-to expert on financial engineering, Compliance management, and financial solutions.

Mr. Mohan is the Vice President of Finance at Calpion Inc. He brings over two decades of experience in financial solutions, compliance, taxation, and funding. He has a huge field of experience in multi-accounting software like Quick Books, XeroBooks, Tally, and ERP solutions. Being a Chartered Accountant, Mohan comes withsharp business acumen, legality, compliance, and risk management, which helps grow businesses and provides cutting-edge solutions to organisations.

With experience in business valuation, due diligence in business risk assessment with the power of Automation and potential growth, he helps the company in mergers and acquisitions. As a financial expert, his primary focus is addressing the challenges CXOs face in their respective industries.

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