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Blog - AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses.READ MORE

AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses. READ NOW

accounts payable process automation

5 Tips to follow while implementing Accounts Payable (AP) process automation software

Published on:  
August 22, 2022

Accounts payable software for automating payable processes is a critical first step in your company's automated financial operations. Time savings, errors reduction, increased workflow effectiveness, and fraud prevention are just a few of the many advantages it undoubtedly offers. Automating your processes can save you time and money with the help of accounts payable invoice automation software. Automating your accounts payable processes can help you to:

• Streamline your accounts payable process, and ap invoice processing saves you time and money.

• Reduces the number of errors and avoids costly mistakes.

• Increases the accuracy and speed of your payments.

• Generate reports that help you to track your progress and improve your organization.

• Keep your records organized and accurate, which helps you track payments and expenses.

• Establish a payment processing system that is easy to use and efficient.

• Have the appropriate software and hardware to support your payments system.

• Train your employees on how to use your payment system, and make sure they are aware of the guidelines and policies that surround it.

• Keep up to date with the latest payment technologies and trends.                                                                 

That doesn't imply you should automate finance and accounts payable in a hurry without having a plan, though. You may need to approach automation correctly and address its most crucial facets to get the most of it and implement a solid solution.

In this blog :

Here 5 Tips to follow while implementing Accounts Payable process automation software.

• Shift to digital invoicing.

Automating all of your invoices is one of the most acceptable ways to automate accounts payable and AP invoice processing. Because of inefficient invoicing workflows and bottlenecks, your company won't be able to benefit from account automation fully.

Data entry can slow down procedures when bills must be submitted digitally to computers. Making the right choice at the outset and automating invoicing is the best course of action because this takes a lot of time and can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your finance procedures.

• Attention to approvals.

One of the critical things to consider before automation is the approval cycle. Even after automating accounts payable or any other finance procedure, issues may still arise if the approval processes are not appropriately managed.

You should pay attention to assigning each approval to the appropriate individuals, who must be aware that doing so is an essential aspect of their jobs and must be completed quickly. The finance department should also use your automation program to monitor approvals, identify bottlenecks, and find solutions.

• Do away with data entry.

As was previously noted, data entry is one of the manual jobs that would significantly impact your workflows after automation. Data entry is no longer necessary as systems can be created with spaces for invoice data input, and invoice releases can be made digitally.

Data will be synchronized with your business software when invoices are released digitally. After creating a digital invoice, such payments can be quickly transferred or received in seconds.

• Incorporate automatic Authentication.

It would help if you inquired about the availability of "automatic match and verify" as one of the features in your accounts payable automation software. Its name should make it reasonably apparent what it accomplishes.

You can quickly increase the speed of your accounts payable and billing procedures with the help of this functionality. The reliability of this verification can now be increased by software, ensuring no errors occur.

• Remove intricacies from the processes.

The processes for accounts payable and finance are somewhat complex. These difficulties must immediately be eliminated through automation. It would help if you achieved this by ensuring General Ledger is correctly coded to free up personnel from the more difficult labor that comes with each invoice to protect your company from mistakes that could cost you money.

Hermes assists businesses in maintaining accuracy and consistency in their accounting records to avoid these difficulties and lower liabilities. Hermes actively participates in the audit team to track bills for accounts payable, identify mistakes, and track down overdue payments.

Hermes accounts payment automation is the answer to persisting AP processing issues. Hermes is a piece of bill-processing software that makes use of machine learning and is knowledgeable about vendor-specific data. Learn more about Hermes by Booking A Demo. You can successfully scale up your firm with its assistance in resolving common AP processing issues and streamlining complicated procedures.

Hermes Account Payable Automation

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