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Blog - How AI-enabled AP Automation Helping Businesses Improve their Financial Ratio READ MORE

Upgrade your Accounts Payable Processes with Smart & Intelligent Automation  READ NOW

Blog - AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses.READ MORE

AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses. READ NOW

About Us

Hermes Account Payable Automation

Hermes Account Payable Automation helps organizations faster-using custom software based on OCR and machine learning technologies. We understand how frustrating it is for the accounts payable department to keep track and process invoices manually.

Do you have high invoice volumes? Let us help you.
With Hermes Accounts Payable Solution, you can save up to 90% invoice processing time.

Do you want us to show you how we can help with your high invoice volumes?

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We Want Your Business to Succeed

Discard your outdated accounts payable processes and succeed in your business with Hermes.
Let's end the error-prone and time-consuming way of invoice processing. Automate your A/P process with automated expense management software.

  • Automate the manual accounts payable work to process your invoices more efficiently
  • Connect your A/P invoices with popular financial and accounting solutions
  • Keep records in the secured cloud for easy access by authorized users
  • Manage cash flows intelligently with visible and transparent workflows
Cost Effective Solution
Cost Effective Solution
Cloud Computing

Manage your cash flow better with Hermes accounts payable automation solution.

Manual processes are inefficient, time-consuming, and costly. Your staff may miss information on invoices that delay the approval cycles. Hermes offers a cost-effective invoice management solution to streamline your financial workflow and synchronize your accounts payable with your accounting system.

Accounts Payable Automation
Account Payable Automation
Robotic process Automation

We Are Experts in What We Do

Hermes Accounts Payable Automation team has 18+ years of experience providing cutting-edge testing and software development services. We have an innovative group in our headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to be the trusted advisor to all our clients by delivering and innovating the accounts payable process using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Machine Learning (ML) for our customers.

We want you to succeed and dedicate yourselves to making your accounts payable processing easier. Not only do we challenge the status quo, but we also encourage different perspectives and ideas. Enjoy flexibility and convenience of automated back-office accounts payable processing with our automation solution.

Faster and More Reliable Invoice Processing

The mission of Hermes is to help solve inefficient A/P invoice processing. We help you manage your cash flow, make the entire A/P process efficient, and give you more time to run your business. Get in touch with us to find out how to reduce your turnaround time, so you can finally pay your vendors on time.

Calpion: The Company Behind Hermes

Calpion Experience Excellence

Founded in 2004, Calpion has always been about delivering premium business and technology solutions and services to enterprise customers and medium-sized companies. We aim to provide customers with the following top-quality solutions:

  • Healthcare application development
  • Product engineering
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Mobile and web software development
  • ERP, HCM, CRM & analytics services
  • Cloud-focused IT Infrastructure Management Services
  • Testing as a Service - Manual & Automation

Meet our CEO

Thomas Johm

Thomas John

President & CEO

Thomas John brings 28 years of expertise and experience in information technology, and global delivery to Calpion Inc as its President & CEO.

He is an early innovator of the use of automation technology. He leads Calpion Inc., providing AI and robotic process automation driven solutions on financial functions like AP Invoice Processing, Patient e-statement automation and Patient Payment solutions on the cloud. He also leads a global team of 500 employees in 3 locations as the President & CEO Plutus Health Inc providing RPA powered products and Revenue Cycle Management services to healthcare organizations across 22 states. Last year, Plutus Health handled nearly $1 billion worth of medical claims from coding, billing, cash posting, and AR & denial management. He was instrumental in the spin-off of Artemis ABA Inc. as its Founder & Chairman with the vision that a comprehensive, automated, and AI-driven practice management and billing software is one of the most important needs of a growing ABA practice.

His education includes the Executive Leadership in Healthcare program at the Harvard School of Public Health and a Bachelors in Electronics from Osmania University in India.

Thomas has been a serial entrepreneur since 1998, having founded and scaled many organizations. His previous accomplishments include a successful exit through an industry acquisition of his technology venture ComCreation, which he founded and grew as a pioneering innovator in mobile application development. He was also the founding member of a Silicon Valley-based venture-funded tech company—Accellion—that built cutting-edge secure file-hosting solutions in 1998 during the early internet wave. Thomas is an innovative and enterprising technology executive with a strong track record of achievements. As an accomplished entrepreneur, leader, and strategist, he is recognized and respected by colleagues and clients for identifying technological opportunities, creating visions for change and growth, and building and leading teams to achieve exceptional results.

Experience A/P Automation the Hermes Way

Do you want to gain real-time financial visibility & control throughout your business via compelling accounts payable process automation? Connect with us for a detailed analysis of your accounts payable system. We’ll help you identify bottlenecks and show how we can make the process efficient for your A/P department using RPA technology.

We aim to simplify your accounts payable processing for yourself, your vendors, and your team. Contact us today and learn how Hermes is the best AP automation software to reduce inefficiencies & optimize your processes. Ready to automate?

Note : For job related queries, please visit our Career page.

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