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Manual AP processing is hectic and time-consuming. It demands FTEs to spend hours looking into invoices. Extensive human intervention brings errors and backlogs, resulting in vendor payment delays. To avoid these errors and delays, companies should look for AP Automation Services that can provide robust invoice management software.

Hermes is a seamless invoice management software designed to streamline the AP process and deal with large backlogs and losses. It reduces the cost, improves performance, and removes the possibility of manual errors by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

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Hermes - The AP Solution That Requires No Additional IT Infrastructure

Fully Automated

Hermes provides advanced invoice management software that offloads your team from boring repetitive tasks and makes the account payable process flawless. It is a cloud-based solution that automates the AP invoices with the help of OCR (Optical Character Recognition), RPA (Robot Process Automation), where bots are trained using AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning).

Reduced FTEs Cost

A human can work 8/5 per week, which makes any process slow. With AP Automation Solution like Hermes, you can work 24/7 on the AP cycle and save 90% of the cost as only 10% of FTEs are required to handle our invoice management software.

Proper Data Mapping

The smooth processing of AP depends on the data extracted from the invoices and other documents. Our innovative AP automation solution can recognize the GL code and map it correctly with the invoices resulting in better tracking of AP workflow.

Improved Efficiency

Bots never take breaks, and they always give accurate results. AP Automation Services providers use invoice management software to boost system efficiency and minimize human interventions required to process a huge chunk of data.

Easy Flow of Data

Manual documentation asks time for completion and room for errors, leading to massive backlogs. AP Automation Services archive data for IRS purposes and open the door for an easy data flow.

Hermes Loves Solving Problems and Making Complex Processes Simple

Appropriate Input

Hermes AP Automation Solutions smartly pick up the input invoices from email or secured file transfer space which if done manually would require alot of effort and time.

Invoice Processing

Manual invoice reading and processing are prone to human errors. Hermes’s AP automation solution employs RPA bots to extract the invoices from the email and read them using OCR technology.

Manual invoice reading and processing are prone to human errors. Hermes's AP Automation Solution uses RPA bots to extract the data from invoices and read them with the help of OCR technology.

Detect Key

Humans can miss vital information, which can cause substantial financial loss to companies. All the essential information is automatically pickedup from invoices and stored in a structured format in a secured cloud space. Hermes leaves no space for missing any information.

Validation & Output

Correct inputs and processes deliver proper output. Bots developed by Hermes validate the data by comparing it with master data and give output only if all the checkpoints get cleared.

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Error-Free Solution

Our RPA accounts payable automation software leverage the power of AI and ML to produce a report four times a day that contains the matching errors and gradually minimize them to deliver error-free outputs.

High-End Security

We understand the risk involved in AP processes; hence we provide highly secure invoice management software with multi-factor authentication where only authorized team members can access the information.

ERP Integration

Mostly Automation does not work with the traditional company system and wants new IT infrastructure. With Hermes invoice management software, companies can enjoy smoothly incorporating the ap automation solution to their existing system and can send and receive data back to the ERP using API integrations or a flat file.

Flawless Results

Hermes uses machine learning technology to learn vendor specific processing invoices and data points. It removes the extra cost, double payment, and payment complications by using a 3-way match of invoices with purchase orders and inventory/delivery information.

Complete Customization

Hermes AP automation solution uses STP (straight-through processing) to provide custom business logs, reports, and workflow incorporating business rules based on the organization's requirements, thus providing a flexible solution that can fit to all.

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