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AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses. READ NOW

A/P Invoice Automation Software

A/P invoice processing is very tedious, especially if you do it manually. For manual processing, you need full-time employees who will manually review each invoice and upload them into the system. And, if your company has to handle thousands of invoices weekly, you probably constantly encounter daily backlogs and losses due to human errors and delays in vendor payments. In such a scenario, you must have invoice management software that can save money by reducing human errors and processing your vendor payments on time.

Hermes - AP invoice automation is an end-to-end automated invoice management software that can help you resolve all your A/P challenges. It is cost-effective, secure, agile, and customizable.
It utilizes 3-way matching accounts payable (AP) process, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and cloud-based processing to eliminate errors, reduce operational expenses, and speed up the processing time.

Get back control of your finances by using our invoice automation software. Ready to switch?

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AP Invoice Processing Automation Software | Hermes

Our robust invoice management software will let you process invoices more efficiently and offload your AP team of repetitive and laborious tasks.

Here’s how Hermes minimizes your time and workload:

  • Hermes uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read incoming invoices from your emails. It also uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned invoices into text.
  • With straight-through automatic invoice processing, it extracts data without manual intervention.
  • Hermes generates a regular review report that contains exceptions and errors for manual review.
  • It uploads processed invoices automatically to the accounts payable ERP.
  • Your AP team can use customized filters to create ad-hoc reports and audit logs.
Hermes AP Automation Features

Hermes Invoice automation software can automate, simplify, and accelerate your A/P process. It works 24/7 – 365 days a year, saving 90% of costs and requiring only 10% human intervention to handle exceptions.

Are you ready to see how automated invoice processing can revolutionize your business?

We’ll analyze your current A/P system and identify any issues causing delays at no additional cost. We’ll the recommend customized AP automation solutions to make your process more efficient.

Introducing Hermes AP Automated Invoice Processing Software

Best-in-class Invoice Management Software for Your Never-ending Backlogs and Erroneous Manual A/P Processing.

  • Reduce A/P invoice processing time from 5 minutes to 20 seconds.
  • Save as much as 77 hours weekly, equivalent to the time and effort spent by four full-time employees.
  • Handle current and backlog invoices.
  • Reduce human errors and improve the quality of output.
  • Have a secured (SOC1 Certified and HIPPA compliant) cloud-based system.
  • Increase invoicing speed and scale down human dependency.

How Hermes Accounts Payable Automation Works

The platform receives invoices through email, FTP, or secure FTP
The bot downloads the invoice from the email
The bot reads the invoice using the OCR technology
The bot extracts the needed data from the invoice
The bot pushes the invoices it can’t read for manual review by an A/P department staff
The bot checks the invoices against the master file
The bot produces a report that the user can export to Excel, PDF, or XML

What the Numbers Say

  • Scaled up A/P processing from 8/5 to 24/7 system
  • 90% savings due to reduced processing time from eight to 0.83 minutes
  • 0 backlogs
  • Total A/P processing time reduced by ten days and free up time for analysis and review
  • 65% boost in productivity
  • Only 10% of human effort required
  • 0% error rate and minimized data breaches and operational risk
You also improve customer service and vendor relationships due to transparency, improved communication, and data accessibility.

The Technologies We Use

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – to understand the essential workflows and processes for automation and the creation of custom business rules for each vendor.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – to read the invoices, process them with 100% accuracy and transfer them to the ERP system as input.
  • Cloud-Based processing – to allow authorized users to access the platform with anywhere and anytime activity. Only 10% of human effort is required with a 0% error rate and minimized data breaches and operational risk.
Custom Invoice Software

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We understand your accounts payable processing issues. You can speed up the A/P process without sacrificing output quality. Improve customer relationships by paying your vendors on time and minimizing backlogs and errors.