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Does your organization face these issues in accounts payable?

Custom business
Complex business rules
High volumes
Invoice Approval
Multiple levels of invoice approval
Data Entry
Data entry that is prone to errors

Is this what your accounts payable process looks like in your organization?


Save invoices from an email to a folder

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Read invoices one at a time

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Verify invoices Manually

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Input invoice details

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Manual approval process

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Cross verification with various other files

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Account Payable Automation
Invoice Automation

Say Hello to Hermès Accounts Payable Automation

Easily process your vendor invoices 24/7 using AI automatically

It requires reliable and optimal accounts payable automation solutions to manage large volumes of invoices and financial transactions. Introducing Hermes— an enterprise-level accounts payable software streamlining and automating AP processes to provide better control & visibility over critical financial data. Hermes uses AI based OCR to extract data from invoices and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to validate business specific rules and automatically send your invoices to your financial system, to transform your accounts payable department from cost center to profit center.

Improve your AP department’s efficiency and accuracy with accounts payable process automation empowered by Hermes. Let us help you:

Here’s How You’ll Do Your A/P Invoice Processing with Hermès Accounts Payable Automation

Accelerate, Automate, and Simplify Your A/P Process

Process invoices 24hours, 7 days a week

Our accounts payable and expense management software can be deployed to work all day, every day, no sick days or holidays.

Save Money
Save 90% of costs with 10% human intervention

Hermes streamlines operations and reduces processing time from 8 minutes to 0.83 minutes, resulting in a whopping 90% savings.

Boost employee productivity by 65%

Hermes takes less than 20 seconds to process an invoice. This boosts productivity by 65% while improving employee morale.

Reduce AP processing time by 10 days

Digital invoices from vendors are read from emails or an SFTP. Invoice scan be uploaded using the intuitive user interface and then extracted into a machine-readable format using optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Data Storage Stack Variant
Reduce operational risks and data breaches

Hermes is 100% accurate in processing invoices. All entries are checked against a master file, and any exceptions are flagged for manual processing by users you authorize. The system generates reports live.

Improve vendor relationship and customer service

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are combined to build and automate custom business rules. The system uses automatic straight-through processing (STP; no manual intervention is required).

Enhance transparency and data accessibility  

All processed invoices are stored in a file and can be retrieved by authorized users based on the roles and the business units they belong to for on-demand printing or report generation for the senior management.

Focus on high-value, high-ticket activities

Hermes lets employees can focus on exceptions, MI analysis, deep dive, and other high-value work that will increase the profitability of the organization instead of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Increase the Productivity of Your Accounts Payable Department

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Senior Finance Executives

Achieve a real-time overview of payable for proper decision making


Finance Controllers

Discover approval bottlenecks, allowing you to pay vendors faster, and get more things done


Accounts Payable Professionals

Focus on high-value, high-ticket items with a direct impact on company’s bottom line

The Technologies We Use

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to Understand

We use machine learning to understand the key processes and workflows in order to automate and create custom business rules per vendor

Focus New

Optical Character Recognition to Read

We use OCR to scan invoices and process them, turn the information into metadata, and input the data in your ERP system with little to no error

Cloud-Based Processing to Work Anywhere

We use a cloud-based system so your invoices can be accessed automatically anytime, anywhere by any member of your team

Case Studies

What Our Clients Are Saying

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. Find out what our customers are saying about Hermès A/P Automation.


Before we implemented Calpion’ s Hermès AP Automation Solution I had to constantly field calls from vendors asking status of payments on their invoice. My AP team was regularly behind schedule and we needed to work weekends to catch-up on the entry of invoices. Our accountants found many errors in the invoice key in process and it was a nightmare to track all the 1000s of invoices we received every week. Calpion’ s Hermès AP solution gave me the ability to move into a completely automated and hands off model where the Hermès bot was able to extract data for a vast majority of invoices, validate it with all of our business rules and upload it into our ERP in the format we had specified

Accounts Payable Manager

Experience A/P Automation the Hermès Way

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Do you want to gain real-time financial visibility & control throughout your business through effective accounts payable process automation? Connect with us for a detailed analysis of your accounts payable system. We’ll help you identify bottlenecks and show how we can make the process efficient for your A/P department using RPA technology.

We are on a mission to make your accounts payable processing easy for yourself, your vendors, and your team. Contact us today and learn how Hermes is the best accounts payable software to reduce inefficiencies & optimize your processes. Ready to automate?

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Calpion: The Company Behind Hermès Accounts Payable Automation

We are a software development and innovation specialist with more than 16 years of industry experience. We provide software solutions and testing centers, and we consider ourselves one of the industry leaders in Robot Process Automation and Machine Learning. Our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas.

When we created Hermes, our mission was to help solve your inefficient A/P invoice processing through highly-scalable accounts payable automation solutions. Get in touch with us to find out how to reduce your turnaround time, so you can finally pay your vendors on time.

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