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Top 5 must-haves in your accounts payable software

Mohan Krishna
Go-to expert on financial engineering, Compliance management, and financial solutions.

Poor accounting software can be troublesome in the long run. It would help if you had robust accounting software with the best features for smooth accounting. There are numerous accounts payable software options available on the market. The number of businesses adopting AP automation software is increasing by the day. If you want to keep up with the competition, you need to get on board, whether you are a CEO, finance head, or an accounts team member.

Accounts Payable Software is a set of pre-programmed instructions designed for automated start-to-finish commercial payment procedures. The software categorizes, matches, and verifies data before sending it to your accounting system for posting. It includes all types of payments, from reimbursements to invoice processing to ERP connection. Read on to learn features you must consider if you need the best AP automation software.

Inside the blog :

Why should you utilize accounts payable software?

All organizations should have AP automation software. It eliminates the need for data entry and paper invoices while improving uniformity and efficiency in payment procedures. AP software also improves security when paying suppliers, manages cash flow, and reduces spending on accounts payables.

Besides these advantages, the accounts payable software capabilities enable your company's financial specialists to devote more time to strategic positions such as analysts, business consultants, and internal controls experts.

Another solid reason for adopting accounts payable software is its capacity to give real-time information without human intervention. Automation reduces manual intervention and implies faster, more accurate updates and the ability to be informed about the exact process stage.

As a result, AP automation software can integrate numerous operations in one location. It can function as a cash flow manager, expense manager, invoice management software, and data entry tool.

What Are the Difficulties?

A third of all implementations fail due to the performance of the wrong software. Another one-third of executions are scaled back, or their scope is modified or lowered. That leaves only roughly one-third (33%) fully deployed AP software.

The reason for these poor adoption rates is a variety of factors. Sometimes the problem is due to the program provider's poor scoping. In other instances, the organization buying an automation solution discovers that the software salesperson promised features that don't exist or weren't forthcoming about hidden expenses. And it can sometimes be attributed to inadequate planning on the side of the corporation attempting to automate its business processes.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in this situation. However, doing two things may dramatically improve your chances of installing AP automation successfully. First, you must design a strategy. Second, you must find a trustworthy software solution. With those two foundational elements in place, you and your provider can work together to prevent common problems and execute AP automation correctly the first time.

Here are five must-haves in your accounts payable software that you need to look for:

1) Reporting in depth:

Your software should have complete reporting tools so that the data displayed in the report can assist you in swiftly determining the charges incurred and determining ways to minimize high costs in the future. Messages should be able to be generated by essential AP automation software depending on expense type, due date, payment date, period, and status. The system should also show which payments have been done, processed, and are still pending clearance.

2) Reconciliation of invoices:

Your program should offer controls to verify payment validity. Keeping purchase orders and bills together will assist in avoiding errors and fraud. By reconciling invoices and purchase orders with the corresponding accounting records, your system should be able to eliminate fraudulent payments.

3) Integration:

All transactions are components of more extensive business processes. Your software should transfer information from the payable ledger to the balance sheet. Purchase order integration is critical because mutual access to the vendor list benefits accounts payable and purchase order processes. Integration aids in determining which payments are to be processed and which must be held back for review.

4) Scalability:

Accounts payable solutions should support ACH (Automated Clearing House network) payments. The advantage of using ACH payments is that it lowers the cost of printing and mailing checks and results in faster transaction completion. Also, your AP software should offer scalability. Look for software that provides a flexible pricing structure that can scale up as your business grows.

5) Reporting in advance:

The reporting functionality of various solutions will differ. Accounts payable software should be able to customize fields, run detailed reports, and generate graphical reports. These features will improve process efficiency and provide deeper insight into firm finance operations.

What Does Hermes- AP automation Offer?

Hermes- AP automation gives you complete control over all your business spending through these capabilities, allowing you more control, visibility, and savings. This accounts payable software enables fast, automated approval workflow, invoice management, and real-time reporting by effortlessly integrating with your current setup.

Hermes Account Payable Automation

Mohan Krishna

Go-to expert on financial engineering, Compliance management, and financial solutions.

Mr. Mohan is the Vice President of Finance at Calpion Inc. He brings over two decades of experience in financial solutions, compliance, taxation, and funding.

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