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Qualifiers That Separate Different Automated Invoice Processing Options

Published on:  
November 2, 2022

Only paid invoices limit an organization's ability to make money. Businesses' finances can only improve if they get paid for their services on time. Because of this, processing invoices is essential to business operations across all sectors.

It facilitates the prompt payment of all invoices and is the backbone of all financial activities. However, numerous manual processes are involved in invoice processing, from generation to payment.

Businesses can replace labor-intensive manual processes with effective and automated ones with automated invoice processing like Hermes- AP Automation. Companies can profit from accounts payable automation software in several ways, including decreased costs, quicker processing times, low error rates, and practical resource use.

However, many businesses need help to make the most of this excellent technology, while others need help integrating it into their daily operations. This post will review the variations among automated invoice processing options and potential red flags.

Inside the blog :

5 Qualifiers That Separate Different Accounts Payable Automation Solutions.

1. Classifying Invoices among Other Documents

Documents supplied to clients for processing frequently include several trash documents. Even though people can complete this activity relatively fast, personally reviewing each document takes much time.

It might be challenging to determine the existence of payment data in a document if your automated invoice processing solution does not have sophisticated Intelligent Data Capture and machine learning features. On the other hand, many automated solutions for processing invoices lack cognitive features. Because of this, these solutions sometimes need help finding invoices among various papers.

2. Detecting the Number of Invoices in a Single Document

In many instances, a single document may have several invoices. Businesses frequently combine many invoices into a single PDF. Although a human might be OK with this, it is simple to overlook such invoices if you are employing an automated solution for maximum efficiency. Although capable of identifying and sorting such invoices, clever automated invoice processing solutions may only sometimes offer these features.

3. Identifying the Type of Document

Payment papers can be of various types, even though invoices and credit notes are the most common ones used by organizations. Accurately identifying the type of document is crucial for correct bookkeeping.

AP systems for processing invoices frequently need to distinguish between different types of papers, which leads to incorrect bookkeeping. Your organization may incur high costs if your automated solution fails to recognize the document type.

You require more complex OCR for advanced automated invoice processing solutions (Optical Character Recognition). Effective solutions enhance their machine-learning algorithms with different classifiers so they can effectively classify information.

4. Identifying the Sender and Receiver

Extracting text data from documents is one of the main aspects of automated invoice processing. Most systems use different OCR algorithms to scan invoices or picture receipts.

OCR algorithms, however, might sometimes fail to extract data effectively under certain circumstances due to their sensitivity to distortions and blurriness. Similarly, OCR algorithms may need help effectively capturing data if written by hand.

Other times, because PDFs don't employ easy text encoding, text data extracted from native documents can quickly become corrupted, leading the software to produce corrupted symbols and costing the company money.

It can be challenging for automated invoice processing solutions to reduce errors during text extraction if your accounts payable software uses highly efficient machine learning techniques.

What to Look for While Choosing Accounts Payable Automation Solutions?

Even though some automated systems have few capabilities, your business might benefit significantly from choosing the right automated invoice processing solutions.

1. Cheaper and quicker invoice processing

Processing invoices slowly can be a significant barrier to a company's expansion. Delays in making payments result in penalties and increased fees. Likewise, many companies run the risk of being blocked as a result of invoice payment delays.

The processing of invoices may be done much more quickly with the help of modern automated systems. Intelligent Data Capture, dynamic workflows, and e-invoicing are features that speed up the processing of invoices and do away with the fees associated with late payments.

2. Document Classification

Top automated invoice processing solutions use intelligent document classification. Smart document classification guarantees proper payment processing, making it more straightforward for businesses to settle past-due payables quickly. The system employs several techniques to tag common document types and other content associated with business processes.

3. Utilize Resources Efficiently

A top AP solution frees human resources from time-consuming manual tasks by automating data capture and invoice processing. This aids businesses in making the most efficient use of their resources for other mission-critical jobs.

4. Improve Business Relations

Building trusting relationships with your suppliers and vendors is essential for the success of any organization. With the help of an effective automated invoice processing solution, you can quickly take care of unpaid invoices and create strong bonds with your suppliers.

5. Improving Purchase Order Matching

Order matching can be a time-consuming process that costs valuable time and resources. Your team must examine each invoice and compare it to pertinent documents, such as purchase orders.

The procedure's laboriousness and slowness can harm your company's productivity and ability to conduct business. However, current accounts payable automation software accelerates these procedures using several clever features.

It extracts the relevant information from your payment paperwork, stores it, and converts it to a digital format. Your company can use this solution to extract and validate data, including line-item details, quantities, GL codes, and terms based on set workflow rules.

6. Accurate Data Extraction

Even automated systems for processing invoices run into issues with accurate data extraction. However, sophisticated machine learning algorithms built into intelligent accounts payable automation software enable the precise extraction of data from incoming bills.


Finding a leading AP automation solution specializing in invoice processing is essential to find a top AP automation solution specializing in intelligent cloud capture, machine learning, and robotic process automation. Utilize innovative features like e-invoicing, dynamic workflows, and intelligent data capture to automate invoice processing and save additional costs for your company.

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