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Top 12 AP Invoice Management Challenges and How to Resolve Them  READ NOW

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Hermes Account Payable Automation

Automate Your Accounts Payable Processes by Using Hermes 2.0, Calpion's AI-Powered Assistant

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July 12, 2022

DALLAS, TX- June 29, 2022 - Hermes, a tech-driven advanced accounts payable software, uses cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, OCR, and cloud-based technology for processing invoices automatically. Hermes added many new features to enhance the clients' functionality in its upgraded version 2.0.

Hermes v2 digitizes the complete workflow, removes unnecessary costs, and establishes flawless invoice processing. Clients have reported reduced invoice processing time and errors after adding these advanced features.

Thomas John, CEO of Calpion Inc., says, "Hermes v2 automates account payable process and removes operational risks. It is an effective solution against issues like duplicate invoices, error-prone data entries, complex business rules, high volume invoices, multiple levels of invoice approval, etc."

"Hermes v2 offloads the team from performing repetitive tasks and improves the precision of the AP process. It is a seamless invoice management software designed to streamline the AP process and deal with backlogs," he added.

Hermes v2 automates invoice processing, reduces FTEs cost, improves efficiency, and allows easy data flow. Hermes v2 offload the team from laborious tasks and speeds up invoice processing to remove mistakes. It also significantly brings down operational expenses.

"Hermes v2 has become a companion for accounting teams to achieve estimated business results quickly," explained Thomas.

Hermes v2, an advanced technology-powered automated AP solution, learns vendor-specific data points. Combining AI and OCR, it effectively scans invoices, converts invoice data into structured data, and transfers all the relevant information into the company's ERP system. It ensures 100 percent accuracy by simplifying the AP procedure.

"Hermes v2 allows the company to quickly go through accounts payables in real-time and make the relevant decision," added Thomas.

Enhance your AP processing and simplify complex processes to scale your business successfully. If you want to know more about the software can Book a demo with us.