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Blog - AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses.READ MORE

AI-enabled AP Automation boosts financial ratios for businesses. READ NOW

What is Vendor Validation?

What is Vendor Validation?

The vendor validation process establishes a supplier's validity. Verifying that you do not engage with phony suppliers and that your current vendors have not changed their branding, moved their offices, or gone out of business, can help your organization save money. As a firm expands, the vendor validation process becomes more challenging, with many international corporations needing entire procurement teams to handle the process.

What Makes Vendor Data Validation Important?

Vendor data validation is crucial for any company because your business must rely on supplies, resources, and services from outside sources to operate. Consider that your firm manufactures laptop computers and depends on a collection of semiconductors. If the chips get delayed, you won't be able to produce the computers, and any manufacturing problems will indeed impact sales, jeopardizing your entire business's success.

Any possible delay from vendors could prevent payments from completing and delay or cancel the shipment because most payments made today are made online or with a credit card. You must actively monitor vendor data validation.

Vendor authentication is required in 3 way matching accounts payable process

In addition to these factors, several scams and dubious companies are operating in the Internet age. As a result, before using a vendor for the first time, your business must confirm that it is collaborating with a legitimate entity. Vendor validation is essential to ensure that all end-of-year tax records agree and that the vendor with whom an organization transacts is honest.

Final Reflections

As internet commerce and data proliferation have grown in importance and complexity, organizations now face new challenges in the complex process of vendor validation. These challenges get more complicated for large firms and organizations because the difference between good vendor data and poor vendor data can significantly impact a company's bottom line. Therefore, to establish a continuous, seamless supply chain, a company needs to validate its vendors as legal companies.

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